The roots of our law firm reach back to the year 1896, when the first patent law office was established in Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany. Since then our law firm’s activities have grown to encompass the whole of industrial property law.

Our consultation services

  • are designed for small and medium sized enterprises as well as global corporations
  • cover all technical fields
  • encompass every aspect of intellectual property
  • are supported by a comprehensive, far-reaching network of external consultants and foreign law firms
  • relate to the entire life-cycle of industrial property rights
  • include assistance with lodging intellectual property applications, as well as support and strategic development for comprehensive IP portfolios

As an ‘IP Boutique’ our activities focus on comprehensive advice for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) with a view to economically appropriate specific measures, as well as supporting global corporations in developing and implementing far-reaching international IP strategies. We always keep in mind our client’s economic circumstances so that we can arrive at tailored solutions that make business sense.