Drafting robust contracts in the IT sector is now more important than ever. This applies with respect to, for example, the production, licensing, or transmission of software or websites, or the purchase, hire, or leasing of hardware.

Rapid developments in the IT sector, especially in the areas of Internet, software, telecommunication, and data protection law, require special legal expertise that takes account of the latest trends in politics and case law.

IT law is an area whose consequences can rapidly transcend borders. This wide-ranging field of law represents a development in the sphere of information technology that is proceeding almost uniformly across the world.

On the basis of ongoing harmonizations of EU law and numerous international legal agreements, it is having permanent effects on the national legislations of all EU member states and other countries.

Taking this international context into account, we provide you with comprehensive consultation services with respect to, inter alia, the drafting of individual IT agreements (e.g. software license, provider, and IT project agreements), the legal safeguarding of your websites, the assertion of your rights with respect to the allocation of Web domains, and the use of personal and highly sensitive /security-related data (“IT compliance”). We also provide optimum support in case of legal disputes in court, conciliation, and arbitration proceedings.