Patent and Utility Model Law


Patents and utility models offer effective IP right protection for your technical innovations. In order for them to achieve maximum impact, it is extremely important that an application is submitted on time and that it is carefully formulated, because subsequent grant, registration, opposition, nullity, and cancellation proceedings can only be based on the content of the original application. In any infringement proceedings, the wording of the (patent) claims is crucial.

Our patent attorneys possess strong experience in all technical areas. We can represent you before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, the German Federal Patent Court, and, in nullity proceedings, the German Federal Court of Justice. We have contributed to landmark decisions at these courts.

Our experienced team of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law can also help you to assert your IP rights against parties who infringe them or defend yourself against claims with respect to third parties’ IP rights. We have also made preparations to ensure we can represent you before the Unified Patent Court in Paris, Munich, and London. We engage in close, ongoing dialogue with international partners in order to develop and maintain global patent portfolios.

We also support you right from the initial stages of an idea. An invention can be protected if it is new at the time of application and based on an inventive step. Patent offices carry out searches and substantial examination to assess this, but we can also investigate the matter in advance in partnership with experienced search offices. With a freedom-to-operate analysis and corresponding search, we help to assess the risk of infringing third-party IP rights when implementing projects.