Data protection declaration

§ 1 Information about the collection of personal data

(1) In the following, we (GLP) inform you about the processing of personal data when using our website. Personal data is all data that can be related to you personally, e.g. name, address, e-mail addresses, user behavior. Hence, we would like to inform you about our processing operations and at the same time comply with the legal obligations arising from the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Telecommunications and tele-media Data Protection Act (TTDSG), in particular the information obligations according to Art. 13 GDPR.

(2) GLP is the responsible party pursuant to Art. 4 para. 7 GDPR. Our contact details are:

  • Gramm, Lins & Partner Patent- und Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB
  • Frankfurter Straße 3c
  • 38122 Brunswick
  • Germany
  • E-Mail:
  • Phone: +49 (0)531 - 28140-0
  • Fax: +49 (0)531 - 28140-28

You may contact our data protection officer by mail at or at our postal address with the addition "Attn: data protection officer".

(3) Insofar as we make use of commissioned service providers for individual functions of our Website, we carefully select and monitor these service providers.

(4) Insofar as a storage period is not explicitly specified below and also does not result explicitly from legal provisions, we will take the following criteria into account to determine the appropriate storage period in each case:

  • the type, scope and confidentiality of the stored data;
  • the potential risk of harm to you arising from unauthorized use or disclosure of your data;
  • the purposes for which we process your data (and whether we can achieve those purposes by other means);
  • any relevant legal regulations and requirements.

(5) In no event will your data be used for promotional purposes.

§ 2 Processing of personal data when visiting our website

(1) When using the website for information purposes, i.e. merely viewing it without registering and without you providing us with any other information, we merely process the personal data that your browser transmits to our server. The data described below is technically necessary for us to display our website as well as to ensure stability and security and must therefore be processed by us. The legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 s. 1 lit. f GDPR. The data your browser transmits are as follows:

  • IP address
  • Date and time of the request
  • Time zone difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Content of the request (visited page)
  • Access status/HTTP status code
  • amount of data transferred in each case
  • previously visited page
  • browser
  • operating system
  • Language and version of the browser software.

(2) You are neither obliged to provide your personal data by statutory requirement, nor by a contractual requirement. In addition the provision of the aforementioned personal data is not necessary to enter into a contract with us. Yet, in case you try to circumvent the provision of the aforementioned personal data by technical measures you might not be able to visit our website or our website might not be displayed properly.

§ 3 Processing of personal data when contacting us via e-mail

(1) When you contact us via e-mail, the data you provide (your e-mail address, name and telephone number, billing information) will be stored by us in order to answer your questions and to bill our legal service. The legal basis of the processing is Art. 6 para. 1 cl. 1 lit. b) GDPR.

(2) We delete the data accruing in this context if the inquiry is assigned to a client relationship or such a relationship arises as a result of contacting us, in accordance with the deletion periods as they can be found in the data protection declaration of the client agreement. Otherwise, your data will be deleted after storage is no longer necessary for further communication with you. If, in such a case, there is a legal obligation to retain data, we will restrict processing until the expiry of this period.

(3) You are neither obliged to provide your personal data by statutory requirement, nor by a contractual requirement (at least as far as there is not already an existing client relationship between you and us). Yet, the provision of the data is a necessary requirement for establishing a client relationship with us. In case you do not provide the necessary data, we will not be able to deal with your legal requests. This may result in loss of claims or other legal positions, depending on your request.

§ 4 Disclosure to third parties

(1) Your personal data, which is collected during the use of the website, will not be passed on to third parties and will not be transferred abroad.

(2) If a contact via e-mail is assigned to a client relationship or establishes such a relationship, the transfer of your personal data to third parties and the transfer of your personal data abroad shall be governed by the privacy policy of the client agreement.

(3) Please note that the websites contains links to the social media profile pages of some of our lawyers via link buttons found under the tab "Team". When clicking on these link buttons, you will be redirected to the platforms of LinkedIn ( or XING ( We do not pass on any personal data to LinkedIn or XING. However, as soon as you visit the platforms website via the link, your personal data will be processed by the platform operators without us having any influence on this; this processing may also include a transfer of your personal data to third countries without an adequate level of data protection in comparison to the GDPR. The data protection policies and cookie policies of the platforms can be found

§ 5 Processing of data in your terminal-devices ("cookie-directive")

(1) In addition to the above-mentioned data, we use technical tools for various functions when you use our website, in particular cookies, which may be stored on your terminal device. When you visit our website as well as any time later, you will have the choice of whether to generally allow cookies to be set or which individual additional functions you would like to select. You can make these changes in your browser settings or via our Consent Manager. In the following, we first describe cookies from a technical point of view(2), before going into more detail about your individual choices by describing technically necessary cookies (3) and cookies that you can voluntarily select or deselect (4).

(2) Cookies are text files or information in a database that are stored on your hard drive and assigned to the browser you are using so that certain information can flow to the entity that sets the cookie. Cookies cannot execute programs or transmit viruses to your computer, but are primarily used to make the web experience faster and more user-friendly. This website uses the following types of cookies, whose function and legal basis we will explain below:

– Transient cookies: such cookies, especially session cookies, are automatically deleted when the browser is closed or by logging out. They contain a so-called “session ID”. In this way, various requests from your browser can be assigned to the joint session and your computer can be recognized when you return to our website.

– Persistent cookies: such are automatically deleted after a specified duration, which is set differently depending on the cookie. You can view the cookies set and the durations at any time in your browser settings and delete the cookies manually.

– Both transient cookies and persistent cookies can be set by the website operator of the visited website - so-called first-party cookies - or by third parties - so-called third-party cookies - on your terminal device. However, only first-party cookies are set on the GLP website.

(3) Mandatory functions that are technically necessary to display the website: The technical structure of the website requires us to use techniques, in particular cookies. Without these techniques, our website cannot be displayed (completely correct) or the support functions could not be enabled. These are basically transient cookies that are deleted after the end of your visit on the website, or at the latest when you close your browser. You cannot deselect these cookies if you wish to use our website. The individual cookies can be seen in the Consent Manager. The legal basis for this processing is section 25 para. 2 No. 2 TTDSG.

(4) Optional cookies when you give your consent: We set various cookies only after your consent, which you can select during your first visit to our website via the so-called “cookie consent tool”. The functions are activated only in case of your consent and apply only to the domain The cookies may serve in particular to enable us to analyze and improve visits to our website, to make it easier for you to use it through different browsers or terminal devices, or to recognize you when you visit it again. The legal basis for this processing is section 25 para. 1 TTDSG.

§ 6 Your rights

(1) You have the following rights vis-à-vis GLP regarding the personal data concerning you:

  • Right to information according to Art. 5 GDPR,
  • Right to correction or deletion according to Art. 16, 17 GDPR,
  • Right to restriction of processing according to Art. 18 GDPR,
  • Right to data portability according to Art. 20 GDPR,
  • Right to object to processing pursuant to Art. 21 GDPR (see section 7),
  • Right to withdraw your consent pursuant to Art. 7 (3) GDPR (see section 7).

(2) You also have the right to complain to a data protection supervisory authority about the processing of your personal data by GLP. The authority responsible for GLP is:

  • State Commissioner for Data Protection of Lower Saxony.
  • Prinzenstrasse 5
  • DE-30159 Hanover
  • Tel.: 0511-120 4500
  • Fax: 0511-120 4599
  • E-Mail:

§ 7 Revocation of consent to or objection to the processing of your data

(1) If you have given your consent to the processing of your data, you may revoke this consent at any time. Such revocation affects the permissibility of the processing of your personal data only after you have expressed it to us. The permissibility of processing your data until the time of your revocation remains unaffected.

(2) Insofar as the processing of your personal data is based on Art. 6 para. 1 s. 1 lit. f GDPR, you may object to the processing. When exercising such an objection, we kindly ask you to explain the reasons why we should not process your personal data as we have set out. In the event of your objection, we will review the merits of the case and either discontinue or adjust the data processing or show you our compelling legitimate grounds on the basis of which we will continue the processing.

(3) To exercise your right of revocation and objection, it is sufficient to send an according mail to: