Copyright law


Personal intellectual works, especially literary, academic, and artistic works, drawings, photos, map sections, and software are all subject to copyright law. However, especially in the age of digital information and communication processes, it is extremely easy to reproduce works that are protected by copyright. Legal protection of this intellectual property is consequently becoming increasingly important. Without copyright law, anyone could freely use and reproduce these works without taking account of the copyright holder’s economical interests.

However, these intellectual works differ from physical products in a number of respects that are also crucial when it comes to their legal treatment.

We provide you, as an author or copyright holder, with consultation services at an early stage with respect to the protection of your rights of use and exploitation under copyright law. In addition to drafting agreements for transferring licenses or rights, a major element of this consists in defending you against parties that have infringed your rights and in conducting judicial and extrajudicial proceedings. Thanks to our long-standing experience in this area of law, we can offer you optimum consultation services and ensure effective, comprehensive protection of your intellectual property.