Competition law protects competitors, consumers, and the public interest in preventing the distortion of competition. Based on EC legislation, it regulates market conduct in order to protect commercial property and market players from unfair business practices. In this context, cease-and-desist notices are often issued on the basis of misleading or comparative advertising or infringement of disclosure obligations.

As part of our consultation services, we check whether your business activities are permissible under competition law or whether there is any respect in which they are objectionably unfair.

This applies in particular with regard to the permissibility of promotional materials and any promotional statements that they contain, your website, any claims to IP rights, and information about specific market conditions and sources or disclosure and labeling requirements under competition law.

We represent you in extrajudicial cease-and-desist notice proceedings and check for you whether a cease-and-desist notice issued on the grounds of competition law is justified or whether taking legal proceedings against a competitor for unfair conduct is financially advisable and likely to succeed.

If a judicial dispute concerning unfair competition occurs and you need to enforce or defend yourself against claims for injunctive relief, information, or compensation, we will represent you in the dispute throughout Germany before all district and higher regional courts.