Design law


Consumer goods can only beat tough competition if they have an original product design. Attractive colors and shapes appeal to customers, arouse their emotions, and create a bond. In combination with the product function, they create an attractive whole. Especially for comparable products with a short service life, the role of appearance as a distinguishing factor is increasingly important. Registering your design ensures you have sole use of it.

Design law protects the work of industrial, graphic, fashion, and consumer good designers. “Registered design” status provides the applicable IP right protection for your newly designed product. This status not only protects the shape and coloring of any product from  A to Z, but also, for example, pictograms and decorative elements. The only prerequisites are novelty and individual character,

which are only assessed if the registered design is enforced. We help you to protect your work across the globe – because when something is good, it often gets copied immediately. This is why effective, timely protection is important. “Registered design” status provides inexpensive, easy-to-obtain IP right protection that safeguards you against plagiarism and also covers modifications, provided that the design is new and has individual character, i.e. its overall appearance is distinct from the existing coloring /shape. We help you to assert your interests and defend yourself from competitors, counterfeiting and pirating.

It is best to think about registering the design of a product before launching it onto the market: we can represent you before registration authorities, district courts, higher regional courts, and the ECJ.